Daily Devotional: Becoming Works of Art

god as potter

Romans 9:19-23 calls me to abandon all need to sit in judgment. I cannot judge the soul or heart of my neighbor. I cannot judge the one who is different than me. I cannot judge the one who has harmed me. God alone sees their soul. I cannot even sit in condemnation or judgment of myself, a hobby we all have taken on with far too much vigor. Only God truly sees anyone’s heart in its full complexity, including even my own.

All I can do is choose to cooperate with God.   God is likened to a master potter, working to shape my life into a masterpiece.   The choice to judge – whether myself, or another – is in fact to choose to resist the shaping of God. Because ultimately a work of art cannot be judged as rubbish or treasure until it is finished.   Every sculpture began as a hunk of rock. Only God sees our potential.   What will get you to being the work of art you are made to be is not judging your or another’s progress, but rather participating with God.

Let’s all lay aside our resistance and choose to participate with God in the process of transforming our lives into things of beauty.


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