Daily Devotional: Don’t Worry. Uncertainty is a Good Sign.

coffee-prayer-scriptureJohn 6:60-71 speaks to me about those times in which God doesn’t make sense to me.  Sometimes it is hard for me to understand the lessons God is trying to teach me in my life.  Sometimes it seems to me God ought to answer my prayers differently.   It sure seems like God ought to do what I say more.   And I don’t get the things God is doing in my life.

growth painfulJesus didn’t make a lot of sense to the disciples in this section.  His words and actions were confusing.  Some people threw their hands in the air and gave up.  Yet these disciples who stayed understood an important truth: God is the one who is the source of life and wisdom.   Things not making sense doesn’t mean God has failed.  It means God is stretching you to grow.

I don’t always get that when I am being stretched and in the midst of situations that don’t make sense to me now.  But I hope to learn to do more like the disciples – to stick to the spiritual path God is carving ahead of me.  To keep following those lessons that do seem clear to me from God.  To keep praying, keep meditating, keep helping others, to keep reading Scripture.   My discomfort may, too, be a sign of growth.  Yours may be too, if you keep true to the path before you.


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