Daily Devotional: Trusting God, Giving up Control


In Psalm 18:1-20, the Psalmist expresses a love for God, borne out of her or his experience of God. God is the One who rescues them from disaster, who shields them like an army suited for battle, who enfolds shieldthem in protections through life’s storms like a sturdy fortress of rock through the hurricane-like trials of life.

This is an image of God as the One who fights our battles for us, in whose hands we can trust our fears, our hopes, our futures, our pains.

I can’t speak for you but that is often hard for me. I feel like if I give control to another person, things will backfire. How do I know things will work out well? It is hard to trust that God will fight my battle, that God can turn the uncertain future to my good if I do my best to do my part.

For me it sparks a perfectionism in which at times I feel like nothing I do will be good enough. It sparks feeling like I’ve got to get everything lined up in a row – and with the effort important things fall through fingers.

perfectly imperfectLearning to trust, to let go, at first feelings terrifying to me. But those moments when I get it are so freeing. I know I am safe, secure.   I am able to be fully present with others in joy and sorrow, fully alive and passionate about the relationships and tasks before, and not full of fears of failure or shame.

God help us to put our futures and our fears into your hand today. Help us to trust you with ourselves and those we love. Help us to put aside perfectionism and fear of not living up, instead fully devoting ourselves to what is in front of us out of instead love for you, for others, self-respect, and love for lfe. And help us even in our stumbling ways to hand to you our fears of not being perfect at giving up perfectionism.   Help us to embrace that in you we can be perfectly imperfect, beloved just as we are. Amen.


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