Daily Devotional: Imagine, Dream, Live

abram and saraiJohn 8:33-47 defines those who are children of Abraham as those who do what Abraham did, living with faith, with confidence, and dreaming of a new and better world. Jesus identifies this with putting aside the chains of sin that enslave us. I wonder if a part of what this means is that if we cannot imagine and believe there is something better possible for us and others, we become stuck in the same patterns of self-destruction which also lead others to be oppressed.

What dream do you have for this world? The call of John 8, I think, is for us to do as Mahatma Gandhi once called and “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Trust that the pattern of the world can be one of justice, freedom, peace. Begin to live out of that reality instead of the cynicism that often guides our days.   In so doing, whatever your culture, race, or religious creed, you will live as a child of Abraham.


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