Daily Devotional — There is Only One Savior and He Ain’t You.

coffee-prayer-scriptureJohn 8:21-32

What stands out to me in this Gospel reading is the warning of Jesus that “where I am going, you cannot follow”. How true!

Sometimes we develop this Savior mentality, feeling that we have to take Jesus’ place, to scoop up and rescue the hurting.   On the one hand it can lead us to a boudaryless life where we wear ourselves so then never thinking about our own needs or those of our family. We can wear out, break down, and not be able to sustain ourselves.

Multicultural Jesus 1On the other hand we can feel guilty, beating ourselves up for not being able to be everything to all people.

We have to remember – Jesus goes where we cannot follow. As I heard one of my first mentors in ministry once say, “You can hold people’s hands. You can walk the journey with them. You can give them a shoulder to cry on. But you can never be their Savior. That job is already taken”.

This is a truth we must remember. We must give up the false options of abandoning our own needs and those of our families and beating ourselves up for not being able to meet every need. No, we must realize we are not called to be the Savior. We are called to participate with Christ. We are called to be fellow travelers, helping others on their journey, so that they might look up to find the One from whom all help truly comes – Jesus the Christ.


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