Daily Devotional


John 5:30-47.

Two things stand out to me in this text:

walking-with-jesus-pms-j7p1First, Jesus identifies Himself as the Judge and says only He, God as human with us humans to dwell, is able to rightly judge the human heart. This means when you feel yourself beginning to rise up as judge of your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or even yourself (who many of us struggle not to condemn the most), you need to realize: the job of Judge is already taken. You don’t have the right to condemn, to say someone, anyone has gone to far. Your job is to love, exercising mercy and fairness to all. And know you don’t have to receive other people’s condemnations of you, either, for they also are not able to fill Jesus’ shoes as Judge.

Secondly, Jesus lets us in on the dangers of fundamentalism. Many fundamentalist people in His day as in our own felt their closeness to God could be determined by knowing, studying, and memorizing the words of Scripture. Yet Jesus says, it is not the words themselves that matter.   The point is not the doctrines, the rules, the rituals, that you pull out of its pages. What counts is – Does it lead you to a relationship of closeness to the living God, and to a life like my own of love and justice? If it doesn’t, you miss the point. The relationship with God I offer, and the life in God I model, Jesus tells us, is what the Bible points to.



2 thoughts on “Daily Devotional

  1. Eve says:

    thanks for posting.

  2. DrTony says:

    As I look at the picture of Jesus and the modern day worker, I can’t help but think that something is perhaps not quite right. Would Jesus be in such robes today (which remind me of some monks I have met) or would he also be in blue jeans (borrowing from Laurie Beth Jones on that). To put Jesus in robes in today’s setting would fix Jesus as something from the long ago past and not part of today.

    That’s the challenge we all face – to put Jesus in today’s world and not as a thing of the past.

    Keep preaching, brother.

    In peace,

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