Daily Devotional


Psalm 69 has always been one of my favorite psalms. I can so relate to the psalmist’s descriptions of having moments they felt they were sinking, sinking, sinking, deep in the pit.sinking I still remember one time while swimming at a local lake as a child. I don’t know what went wrong but I remember the water over my head, and struggling for a moment to gasp only to have strong arms lift me up, pulling me into the life-giving air.

Yet I remember moments, so many in my life, when I felt crushed down by the weight of the water of trials, fear, doubt, shame, where I didn’t know from where help would come. When I felt as if my soul and heart were about to be crushed by the weight.   Looking back I see now how the great loving hands of the Savior were there for me. I see now how God has brought me out of the water, and helped soar over the seas of life. In the midst, sometimes I saw the presence and trusted, but sometimes I didn’t. But looking back I can see.

sinking 2This Psalm invites you, as you face the waters overhead to know, you are seen. There is one near at hand and able to rescue. It also invites to realize that when it looks like you cannot bear it, are about to drowned by the stress, to know you are not alone and without help. Cry out to the One who breathes life into all things, the one who parted the Sea for ancient Israel, and led Joshua through the Jordan.   That One hovers over like a mother dove whose wings are outstretched over her darling chicks, just as the Spirit hovered dove-like over Jesus. Know that One will part the waters for you in your time, and do not give up.


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