Devotional Thought for the Day


Read literally Psalm 58 can be a terrifying depiction, full of violence and serpents and vengeance. Read literally it can be confusing. It talks as if there are many gods who judge with some in conflict with our own. 

Yet read mystically and spiritually, what hope it holds!

judgmentThere truly are false gods, false ideals that we let run our lives. The god of wealth and privilege that calls us onto the hamster wheel of getting ever more that we might be better than our neighbor, a god before whom we sacrifice quality time with family, doing business honestly, our health, or common decency. 

hate crimeThe god of patriarchy and racism before whom the lives of young women, LGBT people, & young people of color are sacrificed by unjust policies, by denial of basic rights, by discrimination and persecution.   And even this past year shooting by police. 

I could go on.

keys over powersBut what good news to hear that the cross Christ has disarmed and defeated such false gods.  In pouring out the Spirit we have been empowered to stand against and overturn these systems of injustice. Let it be so, my God. Let it be so. 


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