Devotional Thought for the Day


Psalm 56 reminds us that though sometimes we have trust shattered by those close to us who let us down and those who actively discriminate against us & others in the community, we need not falter or throw up our hands. 

God does remember us. God gathers our tears in a bottle.  God hears our cries, weeping alongside us and taking us in God’s arms like a mother her weeping babies or a father his Mother_and_Child_by_senseibushidowounded son or daughter.   Know God knows, God sees, & God carries you now. 

But know more. The God of life and love is with you mending the broken places of your life and offering to work together with you to transform your valleys of heartache to highways of hope which lead beyond your pain into better tomorrows.  You are not alone, not forgotten, & if you partner with God need not stay stuck. It may be in ways different than you are imagining in this moment but our God can turn no way into new beginning for you. 


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