Devotional Thought for the Day


What strikes me as I read Mark 3:31-49 is that the working and presence of God is likened to two things which bring life into our world – first family and then life-giving seeds sown in the earth.   In families we are born, yet what makes them families is not just being from the same flesh and bone.  another family reunion It is being there for each other, supporting each other, giving each other a place of belonging and a shelter in each other’s lives. It is granting each other a true home, a true community. That is the true hearth fire that keeps us warm through the winters of our lives.

We do not always find that in our families of origin, but we can always help build it for ourselves and others, by helping be people of hope and helping work together with others to build communities of life, of healing, and support. When we truly follow the path of Jesus this is what we do and, in so doing, help create families that build a more solid home than some find in their home of origin.

Yet the working of God is also like seed in the ground. It is new life breaking forth in the midst of lifeless soil; bursting forth from rocks and rain.   We cannot control how it is borne or to whom it will bring new beginnings. But we can share it, by sharing the love, the belonging, the friendship, that we have found in the embrace of the Father, our brother and friend Christ, and the Spirit who embraces us as a mother dove her chicks.



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