Devotional Thought for the Day


1 Corinthians 3:11-23 speaks an astounding truth. The temple – the place where God dwells and can be found – is not buildings of brick and mortar, or sanctuaries of stone. It is in you and in me, in imperfectly people in their struggling lives. In the eyes and voices, hearts and cries, songs and dances, of each other we find the presence of the singing, dancing, weeping, crying God.

We are told here that how we build our lives and our relationships with each other will be tested, and only what holds the fire of testing will stand.   What will hold? That which recognizes the sacredness of the other, which witnesses to and honors that of God in each person we encounter and – perhaps for some of us hardest of all – within ourselves.

Embrace the beauty of the Christ in others, the Christ in yourself, the Christ in all who live and breath on God’s earth. Then you will be in the temple of true worship.



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