Devotional Thought for the Day

god as potter

Jeremiah 1:1-10 reminds me of the intimate closeness of our God, who is so close to us that like a woman shaping clay upon its wheel, our God shaped us by hand as we formed in our mother’s womb.   God is the source of our life and shaper of our souls. We are precious.

So often like Jeremiah we want to point to how we are made – I am too young, too weak, too different – as if it makes us unfit or unable for the task life has put before us.   I know I do.   But God the giver of life and weaver of time reminds us: I made you, just as you are.   So who you are, as you are, is exactly who you must be to complete the task ahead of yourself. Trust yourself and, in doing so, trust me, for I am the maker of your soul.


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