Devotional Thought


John 3:22-36

The relationship between John the Baptizer and Jesus I think is an example for how Christians and people of other faiths can relate.   We too often get into the competition business, treating Christianity as the only true way and those in other faiths as hopelessly lost. Yet not so in John and Jesus. John the Baptizer recognizes the value and worth of the new path Jesus is embarking on which will become Christianity. He praises Jesus’ work and this new way, yet remains faithful and true to his call to be a Jewish prophet not a Christian evangelist. He is faithful to his last breath to this, never becoming a disciple of Jesus. But he praises the path of Jesus. Jesus himself praises John the Baptizer for his faithfulness to the life of a Jewish prophet, including his not abandoning that role to become a disciple of Christ.   Their mutual respect is a model we can follow. As Christians we can honor the John the Baptizers around us, seeing those of other faiths as like John often answering God’s call in the way and place they are meant to be – perhaps faithful to God from their own faith background.   We can honor the truth they represent in that faith, without diminishing our commitment to Jesus and the path He has opened wide to us. And we can accept their friendship, partnership, and mutual respect.   When we learn this mutual respect and love across confessional divides we will learn to better follow the example John the Baptizer and Jesus set, and be more true to our own faith, and one step closer to seeing “thy will be done on earth as it is heaven”.


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