Devotional Thought for the Day

Psalm 40 reminds me that it is not sacrifice and offering, incense and songs, which God most wants. Instead God wants one who says “here I am!” and who willingly cooperates with God in God’s working in our world. It is easy to confuse the comforts of worship which lift us up from the heart which God calls us to.   What is God saying to you? How can you say “Here I am!” to God today?


Devotional Thought For the Day

Psalm 95 calls me to remember the ways in which hardening my heart to God’s voice led me down the road past, to disastrous ends, so that I choose openness.   I have to admit struggling at times over “how do I know it is the Lord’s voice I hear?” So often I can also remember moments where I believed the Spirit was leading me, but I wonder now if my own ambition, my own desire to prove something, or other’s influence blinded my ears. How do you keep your own heart open? How do you discern our Savior’s voice from the others clamoring for your attention?