Celebrating the Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act

diversity and disability

Today is 24th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I thought it would be appropriate to take time to recognize this on Progressive Redneck Preacher.

Be watching.  I hope to have an interview or two coming up soon about the connection between disability rights and our ongoing theme of the legacy of slave holder Christianity.

Here is a helpful video for individuals, businesses, and churches as they begin to think about how to help improve inclusion of people with disabilities:




My wife, who is in a wheelchair, says she would have suggested some different advice.  Readers with mobility impairments, what would you have added or suggested differently?  Readers with other disabilities, what might you add?

For all my readers, how have you seen the Americans with Disabilities Act affect your life or the life of someone close to you?

I find too often the ADA isn’t followed and my wife and our friends with disabilities have to fight uphill to have basic access. The law makes positive changes to accessibility possible, but I wish for a society where people without disabilities don’t need to be ask society around them to obey the law and change practices; where instead our communities develop the neighborliness to make things accessible simply out of true love and respect for all.

Kat and I are blessed to have a very accessible church to attend in Chapel Hill, but sadly it seems most churches I visit do not prioritize accessibility to people with disabilities and even lack the basics of ramps or accessible bathrooms. Even in churches otherwise ‘welcoming to all,’ people often forget to include those with disabilities. What has your church experience been?

Whatever your experience, I hope you take time this ADA day to consider what your community can do to be more inclusive of all.

And I ain’t just whistling dixie!

Your progressive redneck preacher,


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