A Poem About Uncertainty: Dandelion Dreams

I am nearly finished with a year-long chaplain training program.  I wrote the following about the mixed feelings of uncertainty and hope I feel as it is ending.  I hope it touches all of you finding your way through moments of change.

And I’m not just whistling Dixie…

Your progressive redneck preacher,



Dandelion Dreams

Upon a spiders web you hang


Only a breath away from falling

So the prophet-seer said.

And so I am


Caught in winds

Winds of what was

And what may be

Open, vulnerable

To all that lays below and around

Be they the prophets’ consuming flames

Or jagged rocks with knife like edge

Or surging waves swallowing my soul

Into unceasing storm

Or upon freshly greening soil

A shedding of all the certainties

Which I wrap around myself

To warm my trembling form

Like so many tattered rags

The death of all my expectations

And identities

So this seed may fall away

And I spring up

Greenly leafing

Into possibilities undreamed.


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