Selah (A Poem about rest)

Here is a poem about finding rest in the midst of life.  I’ve titled it “Selah”.

I hope it blesses you with peace.

And I’m not just whistling Dixie!

Your progressive redneck preacher,


 2013-07-10 07.19.16



ImageSometimes stopping can be the most work 
When my monkey mind wants to jump, 
Screeching for attention,
Climbing the ever growing vines of what-might-be, of worries & concerns
When my soul sets to scrambling upon the treadmill
Not just of tasks that must be done
Like patient visits,
Paperwork to be completed,
Yard to mow, 
Laundry to fold,
And dishes to washbees
But also the fear that buzzes
Like a swarm of bees in the distance
Fear that if I am not more
If I do not try harder
I will not make things secure enough,
will not be good enough
And for whom?
The dread angst which causes me to sit
Like a cat about to crouch, ready to spring from some shadow soon falling across the horizon. 
rain on tin roofYet beneath it all I hear
The tap tap tap like a million dancers
Feet moving upon tin stage
Of cool spring rain upon the roof. 
I smell the crispness of cloud bursts. 
I hear a call to sabbath
In the twittering voices of small wild birds at rest upon my balcony railing
And with the chitter of squirrels at play within the overhanging tree branches   
Like the babble of the brook I pass
While walking from my bus stop each evening
Where I shake the dust from my day’s work away
I hear them whisper
‘Be still
Be still and know…’
Quietly I breathe in the aroma of fresh coffeecoffee on porch
And know deep in my heart
This is enough
This moment is enough
I am enough
And drink of my now full cup. 

One thought on “Selah (A Poem about rest)

  1. Ingrid says:

    LOVE this poem! I will be coming back to it to re-read, and re-read again, to breathe more deeply and recognize the fullness of life. Thank you so much for this gift.

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