A poem for Spring — “April Showers”

flowering dogwood

Ahh!  The beauty of newly budding flowers.

The sight of birds in flight.

The … *Ahh..  Ahhh… Ahhh-choo!*

One of the sights and sounds of springtime in the southeast US is that thin sheet of green that announces springtime.  No, not the grass.  The sheet of green on my car.  On my porch.  On my deck chair.  You know the one.

In honor of all of these sides to spring, I recently wrote the following poem.  I hope it blesses you.

My wife said it made her itchy and sneezy.  I hope it doesn’t do that.

But if it does,… well, I suppose that is the cost of Spring weather.  After all, didn’t we learn in grade school “April showers bring May flowers”.

Happy spring!

And I’m not just whistling Dixie!

Your progressive Redneck Preacher,


micah spring hat


April Showers

pollen1Green dust
Sprinkled upon ground lies in sheets like fresh fallen snow
That blanket warm with new life
Replaces the shimmering white
Off frost upon grass
That like fragile glass once crunched underfoot 
In music of fragility

It lies green and thick upon the hillsides
Touching the accoutrements of
Our human accomplishments
Our anthills of asphalt, steel, and pressed wood
Busy with our scurrying forms
Buzzing with electric motion

Green fingers fall softspring flowers
Upon us
Awakening us as from restless dreaming
With the throbbing pulse
Of Spirit song flowing through it
As her mothering presence
Labors amidst us to birth new life
Like butterflies emerging
From empty shells

Wiped away in filmy layers on my fingers
It reminds me of my own
Tumult, scurrying, and frantic fear
Which sets the anthill of my heart
To constant motion
My feelings blown like birdseed on the breeze
Unable to settle

spring flowers 2Whispering to me how
It is not some silver hued sign of threat
That I feel
Hovering over my soul’s horizons
As my Tortured pasts try to teach me
But instead
Labor pains
The Mothering Spirit endures in me
So some new spring may dawn within
Breaking my long winter’s chill


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