An update on Raleigh’s War against the Poor

Last week I encouraged you all to be in prayer about the situation in Raleigh in which the Raleigh ban on feeding the hungry in Moore square.   I thought for today’s blog I would share an update from Love Wins homeless ministry, who has been in the center of “sausage-gate”.

Taken together with the cuts both in Raleigh and Washington on programs that support the poor and disenfranchised in our communities, people of faith and good will should be mindful and aware.  We are in a pivotal time as a community.

Lets continue to pray and speak up for our need as a community to follow Matthew 25 and be there for the least of these in our midst.  The ongoing testimony of Scripture encapsulated in that text is that as nations and communities we are judged by how we treat the least, the last, and the lost in our midst.

And I’m not just whistling Dixie here,

Your progressive redneck preacher,



Skeptical But Hopeful: The Moore Square Community Meeting

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Last night’s meeting on “food distribution alternatives” to Moore Square was a community cooperation fairy tale. More than 100 people gathered at Marbles Kids Museum to discuss the following four questions in break out groups.

1. Identify current food distribution locations you serve on the weekends, weekdays, or both. Please provide if it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Please be as specific as possible with address locations for mapping purposes for next meeting.

2. List your priority of where you would like to distribute food. (Please be as specific as you can with the addresses.) Part II – Please list your organizations if this is a location that can be used for food distribution as a possibility.

3. Criteria for feeding locations -What do you need to distribute food safely, humanely, and compassionately. For examples, bus line, sinks for hand washing, etc.

4. What does success look like to you in 6 months?

The inter-agency dialogue was productive and edifying. We put faces with names, shared ideas, and affirmed each other’s efforts. Most groups came to the conclusion that any future location(s) for sharing food need to be in or very close to Moore Square. Or in other words, that there is no “alternative” to Moore Square. Other frequent suggestions included more communication between organizations, a hand washing station, and that the location be on the R-LINE route.

Despite the fairy tale veneer, however, we remain skeptical. Skeptical that the City seeks sustainable change that benefits Raleigh’s most vulnerable citizens. Skeptical that the City seeks to make this process different from past efforts to “help the homeless.” Skeptical that the City seeks authentic dialogue from various groups of stakeholders.

Because when the “dialogue” consists of pre-determined instructions and no time for questions, I’m not sure if that’s dialogue, or just homework.

But we also remain hopeful, knowing that the City of Raleigh has the ability and resources to show the world that it’s a city for everyone.

Moore Square community meeting in the news:


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