Closer to Voter ID

Thank you Rev. Mark Sandlin for sharing this with me.   In our celebrations about the end of DOMA, let’s not forget the tragic decision by the Supreme Court ending a series of voting protections for racial minorities.   The link below talks about the implications of this for my own state, North Carolina.  The fact is that laws such as the one being considered in North Carolina to require “voter IDs” have historically been used in the south by proponents of slave-holder Christianity and other forms of bigotry to marginalize whole classes of people, by removing from them their ability to vote.  The talk some have had of racism having waned in the south is, in my opinion, naive and uninformed.  Here in Fayetteville we are still sorting through the “Driving While Black” findings, which have demonstrated there is racial bias in police work.   Though believing we are in a color blind society would be wonderful, it is not true yet especially here in the Dixie-Belt.

Closer to Voter ID.

Hope the link is informative.

Thank you North Carolina Council of Churches for your hard work on this and other issues!

And I’m not just whistling Dixie here!

Your progressive Redneck Preacher,




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